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Tobbe Larsson is not only a true successful showman but also a true horseman

by: PSG
Feb 08 2018

Tobbe has held a fascination for horses, for as long as he can remember. Even though he does not come from a horse interested family and did not grown up amongst horses, he still managed to spend most of his youth around them.

He got his first horse at the age of seven, a small Shetland pony, and this was where he first developed his special interest for liberty training.

In 1999 Tobbe participate in a renowned Swedish horse show. He staged a brilliant performance with an American quarter horse he had both trained and bred himself, called Nicke. Basically over night, the pair became a huge success and Tobbe´s career took off.

During the following years Tobbe received invitations to and participated in numerous shows in Sweden, neighbouring countries and major international shows.
Tobbe and his horse Nicke also had the opening number of Europe´s biggest horse show. They have performed in most of the big arenas around Europe.

There have also been many memorable performances at Falsterbo International Horse Show and Elmia Skandinavian Horse Show where Tobbe often worked with his fantastic horses. The President of those events, Mr Jan O Wannius, says "Tobbe has very much contributed to the success of the shows. Tobbe Larsson is not only a true successful showman but also a true horseman".

Practically all of Tobbes shows are sold out well in advance and are loved by everyone. Most of the time Tobbe wears his headset and gives a running commentary on his horses and their individual traits in a lighthearted manner.
Liberty training is both spellbinding and fascinating, regardless of how much or little you know about horses.

In 2001 Tobbe acquired the old parish manor of Sjôrup, which was established in 1863. The beautiful estate is located by the Baltic Sea in the south part of Sweden, close to the city of Ystad. Tobbe has turned the estate into a serene and perfect training environment for his horses. The parish manor is also where he receives other professionals who come to train their horses with him and where most of his TV shows and other media related productions are recorded.

Something that had a great impact on the Swedish world of horses is Tobbe´s huge TV success on national television called "Ponnyakuten" (The Pony Emergency). A series not only loved by young riders, but also by many older equestrians. As a result of the success the program (more than 100 episodes) was sold internationally.
Furthermore, Tobbe recorded 10 episodes of Tobbes Guldbiljett (Tobbes Golden Ticket) for Swedish television, and also programs recorded in Abu Dhabi with amongst others
Sheikh Shakhboot Bin Nahyan Al Nahyan for English television.

As Tobbe says: "Horses have shaped the type of life I live today, they have given me the opportunity to meet royalties, artists and many interesting people I would never have met without them. Liberty training is so very special…a direct way of communication between humans and horses."

During the last seven years, Tobbe has spent a lot of his time in the United Arab Emirates, a country he cares deeply for and this is also one of the places where some of his TV programs have been recorded.
"I love the United Arab Emirates, and all the wonderful Emirati friends I have met during my years there. As soon as I get to the United Arab Emirates, I feel at home, and I am so proud to be able to bring my own horses to the place so close to my heart!"

All photographs show Tobbe´s four year old quaterhorses Devin, Gazel and Kasper. Although they all come from the same stallion, all three are very different in temperament and personality.
"Training a group like this does not mean that I become the leader of the flock, in fact I rather look at it as finding a way for the four of us working together in harmony."

Nicke, the superstar, is well known to just about every young horse fancier in Scandinavia. When seeing Tobbe, Nicke and the other horses working it is easy to believe Tobbe´s device "Love and respect your horse".